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Annual Review Leaflet

 – Rheumatoid Arthritis – abbreviated to (RA) is an auto-immune disease. This means your immune system, which usually fights infection, attacks the cells that line your joints by mistake. RA is a long-term condition that causes pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints.
The symptoms usually affect the hands, feet and wrists. There may be periods where symptoms become worse, known as flare-ups or flares.

A flare can be difficult to predict, but with treatment it’s possible to decrease the number of flares and minimise or prevent long-term damage to the joints.

Some people with RA also experience problems in other parts of the body or more general symptoms such as tiredness and weight loss.

Due to your condition and any medication you are taking, it is important that you have a check-up each year. To help make it easy for you to remember when your check-up is due, the Practice aims see you during the month of your birthday.

Your annual review will be carried out by a Practice Nurse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have more than one condition which needs a yearly check-up.
Can I have a single check-up for everything?

Yes. You may need to book a longer appointment with the Practice Nurse. Your nurse will indicate below what length appointment is needed for your combination of conditions.

You will NOT be contacted to remind you that your check-up is due. Near your birthday, please call Portcullis GP Surgery on:
01584 872 939 after 10:00am and make an appointment with a Practice Nurse to discuss your condition. Please book appointment length.

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