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We are taking part in a pilot scheme under the Prime Ministers GP Access Fund which offers our patients the opportunity to see a GP or nurse for a routine appointment when they need to.

There is a network of GP practices in Shropshire which are offering extended opening hours for routine appointments. Emergency medical care when Portcullis Surgery is closed is still provided by Shropdoc.

The GP or nurse whom you will see, will have access to your medical records under special data sharing agreements and you will be asked for your consent for them to access your records when making an appointment and at the start of the consultation.

Your usual GP here at Portcullis will be able to see the consultation on your records.

These appointments can NOT be booked via Portcullis Surgery, instead you must ring 0333 222 6649 to book or cancel one.

Please note there are no appointments under this scheme available at Portcullis and the appointments you will be offered will be at various practices across Shropshire and at various times.

Please see leaflet below for more information:
Extended hours Information

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