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Help us to Help you

Your Doctors and their Staff will always do their best for you. However they need your help provide the best care for all their patients. Please support us by following these simple guidelines.

Our responsibility to each other:

  • Please treat your Doctors and their Staff as you would expect to be treated by them – with politeness and respect
  • Please cancel appointments you cannot attend or no longer need as somebody else is always waiting
  • Please think twice about calling a Doctor to your home -is- a visit really necessary?
  • Please do not expect a prescription every time you visit the GP – good advice is often better than medicine
  • A second opinion is not a right – but you can discuss it with your GP who knows when to seek extra help
  • You can find basic health information elsewhere – for example your Pharmacist or NHS 111
  • You will be greeted courteously
  • You have a right to confidentiality
  • You have the right to see your medical records subject to the limitations of the law
  • You will be seen the same day if your medical need is urgent