Management and Administrationlogo

Acting Practice Manager

  • Rachel Shields

Rachel is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the Surgery and the administration of the Practice. If you wish to make any enquiries or have a comment about the service we provide she will be happy to help.

Office Manager

  • Angela Martin

Angela is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the administration section of our Surgery.

HR Manager

  • Julie Colebrook

Julie works closely with the Practice Manager, focussing on staff, policies and procedures.

Reception Staff

  • Pam Carter | Patricia Collier | Marlene Cox | Abigail Griffiths | Karen Harris
    Carmel Isaacs | Jenny Matthews | Debbie Price | Sue Saunders | Lila Robinson | Siri Lewis | Sarah Johnson

Our team of Receptionists are your first point of contact. When telephoning for medical attention the Receptionist may ask you for a few details. All Reception Staff are fully trained and ask for these details in order that we can help you in the most appropriate way. Our Receptionists are very busy at certain times of the day and we ask that you be patient. They ease the flow of patients for the Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals and keep the Practice running smoothly. They are here to help you.

Sometimes they may need to ask for further details. They are not being nosey and are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctors and Nurses. All medical information, which is held on your behalf, is governed by the Data Protection Act and Staff are vigilant in ensuring that only essential information is made known to other Practice Staff.

Receptionists are the engine house of the Surgery, doing a wide range of administrative jobs, answering telephone calls and greeting patients at the counter. At times there may be slight delays so please be patient until they can attend to you.

Secretaries and Administration Staff

  • Jodie Gittins | Debbie Price (Secretaries)
  • Suzanne Yarham (Data Entry)

Jodie and Debbie are our secretaries, they will help you with any queries you have related to hospital appointments or information. Suzanne analyses medical records and data input.