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Your Doctor and Nurse can give you advice on all aspects of family planning: LARC

  • The coil (IUCD) (Mirena)
  • Minipill Injection
  • Implant
  • Natural methods
  • Barrier methods (e.g. Condom, Cap)
  • Sterilisation and Vasectomy

Cervical Smears

We recommend ALL women from the age of 25 have a cervical smear every 5 years, as problems detected this way can usually be cured. Appointments can be made with your Doctor during normal Surgery, provided you request a ‘Smear’ appointment. Our Nurses are also fully trained to perform smears and can do so during any Nurse Surgery. We request you make an appointment for this to be done.

HPV Immunisation

We vaccinate from the age of 14 against cervical cancer as per the National Programme. Please ask at the Reception or one of our Practice Nurses for more information.