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Ludlow Compassionate Communities (CoCo)

Ludlow CoCo is associated with Portcullis Medical Practice. CoCo is a voluntary organisation, created and supported by Severn Hospice, which offers free of charge 1:1 befriending and support to frail, vulnerable & isolated adults in our community, including those with physical disability, learning difficulties, in emotional distress and those who care for another. Ludlow CoCo aims to help adults of any age, who are patients of Portcullis GP Surgery, to maintain independent lives and links with their community, with the support of a volunteer whose companionship they enjoy.

Typically referrals are made because of isolation, loneliness, mobility issues or failing health. Here are some specific examples of how the volunteer may support a client during a visit:

  • Help with paperwork, planning or shopping
  • Accompanying on a stroll round a place of interest
  • Gradually encouraging someone with mental health issues to have the confidence to go out again
  • Re-establishing a hobby given up due to failing eyesight
  • Companionship for a cared for person, enabling their carer to have some time to themselves
  • And mostly it is about sharing company and time, making the client the priority

Some quotes from CoCo Befrienders:

“As a relatively new resident in Ludlow, I knew hardly anyone here until a year ago, when I became a volunteer in CoCo and started befriending a delightful series of people.”

“Befriending, though not work in any sense, offers the chance to use again one’s ingenuity and initiative in any way one can to overcome difficulties caused by loneliness, blindness, hearing loss or whatever another person’s problems may be.”

“The befriending works both ways of course.  I have got to know people whom I might not have met otherwise, whose friendship I value and I have enjoyed conversations about shared interests and experience – and sometimes about ideas new to me.”

  • Do you have a couple of hours to spare in a week?
  • Do you enjoy chatting and getting to know people?
  • Perhaps you, or someone you know would be interested in becoming a CoCo volunteer?

Please contact:
Judith Sharod
Community & Care Co-ordinator at Portcullis GP Surgery
Tel: 01584 872 939