Booking Appointments Onlinelogo

You are free to consult ANY of the Doctors in the Practice but we would encourage you to encourage you to STAY during a particular illness with the same Doctor.

See our Consulting Hours for our Female Doctors and Nurses.

Please make a separate appointment for each member of your family you wish to be seen. This allows us to allocate time for each person without keeping our other patients waiting. Please see only one Doctor during any particular illness.

It would be appreciated if ‘non working’ patients could leave early morning and late appointments for people at work who have difficulty coming during normal working hours.

Who Do I book My Appointment With?

Not sure who you should book your appointment with? Take a look at our ‘Leaflet‘ for detailed information about our Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

To register for Emis Access, please ask at the Reception desk for an application form. We will provide you with personal log in details on receipt of your completed form. If you have registered with the Practice for online appointment booking and repeat prescription ordering, please click on the Emis link below


Please remember to cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend, we can then offer that appointment to another patient.