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These services are not employed directly by Portcullis GP Surgery. However, we work closely together for our patient care.

Community Nurses

The Community Nurses provide Nursing Care and advice to patients in their own homes.  They liaise with Hospitals and other Specialised Nurses and Services such as Home Care, Social Services, The Macmillan Unit and Chiropody.  They can arrange extra support for patients who require long-term care.

Health Visitors

A Health Visitor is concerned with the health and well-being of families.  Health Promotion, early detection of ill health and monitoring of normal growth and development are her responsibility, with particular reference to mothers, babies and the under 5’s.   The Health Visitor liaises closely with the GP’s, other members of the nursing team and professions allied to medicine, such as Social Workers, Speech Therapists and Pre-School Teacher Counsellors.  The Health Visitor has specialist knowledge of the facilities and resources available for families and children in the area.

Community Midwives

The Midwives work closely with the Doctors in providing care for all expectant mothers.  In addition to running Ante-Natal clinics, they work with the Health Visitor in helping to prepare couples for the birth and care of their baby.  The same Midwives will deliver mothers who wish to have their babies at home or in the Maternity Unit and continue to care for them whilst in that hospital and at home afterwards.